Thursday, June 5, 2008

Brian Responds to Today's Oregonian Editorial

By Brian Rohter

I definitely appreciate and am thankful for the kind words written about me in the editorial in today's Oregonian --- but --- I do need to point something out. Our conversations with the United Farm Workers have always been friendly, positive and focused on solutions. I've considered them useful and informative.

I've also read elsewhere that the United Farms Workers have showed up "unannounced" or have "barged in" to our offices. That’s just not accurate. We've traded phone calls or e-mails, set a time that worked for everyone and then sat down and visited, just like we have many other times with folks who are committed to improving our regional food system.

Most of all I'm pleased that this issue is getting so much needed attention because it's really essential that we get it resolved in a fair manner.

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Anonymous said...

As I read through this, I am amazed that noone questions that Beef has to go through a feedlot to be flavorful and Tender.

Has everyone punted on the idea? I was looking very hard at New Seasons and Whole Foods. It appears to me they are more "Corporate" than what I am looking for. Factory Farming even under the guise of Natural and Organic is still a personal choice.

Pat M