Thursday, February 1, 2007

Our Farmers Are Local Heroes

By Lisa Sedlar

I’m not a morning person (I’m writing this at 10pm) but my husband is. It’s surprising to think that after 11 years of marriage he’s still trying to engage me in conversation before I have fully reconciled myself with the reality that I have to get out of bed before I want to. He often tries to ask me questions. Mostly I respond in nods and grunts, but once in awhile he’ll toss me a softball question like he did this morning: “what’s this I’m hearing about videos of my wife and some farmers on the New Seasons website?” So I dragged myself out of bed and over the to the kitchen computer and typed in the NSM web address for him. Then I clicked on the Home Grown box and showed him eight different videos of some of our growers, fishers and ranchers. They are kind of like you-tube videos minus the weird and alarming factor.

I wouldn’t call myself a techno geek by any stretch, but I am really thankful for modern conveniences and technology. The internet is a fantastic tool that allows new relationships and dialogues to be forged (like this one). However, a byproduct of our modern lifestyle is a loss of connection with people and especially the people who grow our food.

One of our goals at New Seasons Market is to connect you, the eater, with where and how your food is grown. Check out Jeff Boden’s profile. He’s one our local berry growers and in my book, a local hero. Jeff ‘s berries are the ripest and most sublimely flavored because during the berry season, he picks them in the morning and delivers them to our store that same day…berry juice still on his fingers. Most grocery stores won’t accept fully ripened fruit, because it doesn’t have enough shelf life. We actually seek it out!

Anyway, I don’t want to tell you everything about the videos, cuz that will spoil the fun of discovery, so I’ll stop here and await your feedback.